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Lisa, DFW These guys helped rid of some pesky ants - they have organic options also if you're looking for that. They told me why and where they were coming from and got rid of them all and the outside bed they found! Fast, friendly service :)
Jason, McKinney Entex did a great job when our dog got into the neighbors fleas.... would highly recommend.
Bailey, Ft Worth By the time I met the Mike and Patrick from Entex Pest Solutions, I had been sleeping outside in a tent for nearly a month…
-in Texas…
-in July…
-in the heat…
-and in the mosquitoes.

All of these were preferable to waking up with the painful welts I mysteriously developed in the night. Turns out, we had bed bugs, and oh boy did we have bed bugs! Before I contacted Entex Pest Solutions, I had already worked with two separate companies trying to solve our bed bug problem, and had spent over $1500.

For nothing near a solution.

Everyone told me this would take time-months even, multiple visits. How was I supposed to sleep in my house? How was I supposed to relax in my bed? How was I supposed to sit on the couch and watch a movie? Well, my solution at the time was to move into a 1 person tent in my backyard.

Patrick came over and gave me an estimate and a REAL understanding of my problem. He explained bed bug behavior, how they breed, how they live, how they feed, and most importantly-what I could change about my own behavior to speed their removal along. Mike and Gustavo then delivered the most detailed service of any kind I have ever paid for. This two man team spent 8 FULL HOURS AT MY HOUSE WORKING, steaming every crevice, wrinkle and fold. They removed every picture and every item and every fleck of dust from its home. No piece of furniture was unturned, no space was untouched by their skilled hands and even more skilled eyes. I have never seen anyone who could find a bug as quickly as Mike! He walked into my guest bedroom and spotted a nymph-a baby bed bug-from 10 feet away. I honestly could not believe how thorough they were, and am still thankful on a DAILY BASIS that I found Entex Pest Solutions. My life was turned upside down by bed bugs, and they made everything right again. If you have a serious pest problem-they are really the only choice.
Dennis, Ft Worth Last summer we had a serious problem with fleas in our home. I asked Entex Pest Solutions for help. They responded quickly and solved the problem with no inconvenience to us. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable, they were a pleasure to work with. I have recommended them often and will continue to do so.
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