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Over the last 20 years, pest management has been simplified by most companies to a “one size fits all” model where technicians cannot identify commonly encountered pests and are not capable of intensive integrated pest management solutions.

Mostly gone are the truly superior pest control companies which operate on knowledge, training and a dedication to customer service. After years of managing operations for large and national pest companies, the leadership of Entex Pest vowed to create a pest control company that would be founded on customer-oriented service, tailored pest solutions and knowledge-based treatment strategies. Entex Pest Solutions may not fit the modern service company mold, but our very loyal customers appreciate our staff members’ knowledge, experience, and heightened attention to detail.


Entex Pest professionals are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of North Texas businesses and residents. From public health disease monitoring for numerous area towns, cities, and counties through our sister company Municipal Mosquito, to bedbug treatments in a nursing facility and rodent management in restaurants, our educated and experienced leadership and staff are deeply passionate about our role as protectors of the public health. Our employees and their families live in the very communities they help protect. Entex Pest is unique among pest management providers. Our shared level of education, industry experience, and public trust is unmatched against other area pest control companies.


Our family business is humbled by the opportunity to protect the properties, families, and businesses of North Texas.

Meet the Experts

Mike Swan
Operations Manager, Board Certified Entomologist

Mike began his career in pest control while attending Texas A&M University in 1976, when he worked as a service technician. In 1979, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in entomology, specializing in urban pest management. After graduation, he moved to Dallas and worked with a company specializing in commercial pest control, where he started as a technician. Within a year he became a service manager, and ever since, he has worked in some form or facet of the pest control industry. In August of 2012 he found his way to Entex Pest Solutions, helping manage the copmany’s commercial and mosquito control operations. Mike brings more than 38 years of experience and is board certified by the Entomological Society of America (B.C.E.). He is also a Certified Applicator in the state of Texas in the following categories – pest, termite, lawn & ornamental, weed, structural fumigation and commodity fumigation.

Patrick Prather
President, Entomologist

Patrick Prather was raised in Arlington, Texas, and is a third-generation small business owner. He graduated Texas A&M University with a degree in entomology and began his pest control career with Orkin Exterminating as a young branch manager. As an operations manager, he learned the lessons of dedicated customer service and consistent staff training. Patrick left Orkin after 5 years and entered the distribution side of the pest control industry. After 3 years of serving as a sales consultant and trainer, he and his wife Rachel opened their own pest control business. Patrick and Rachel also own Municipal Mosquito. This company provides vector control services to North Texas counties and cities. These contract services include mosquito surveillance, larval control, disease testing, and ULV fogging programs. Municipal Mosquito is an industry leader in education and disease testing for numerous area governments.

Kayleen Thomason

Director of Business Development, Registered Sanitarian

Kayleen graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences from Texas A&M in 2004. She also holds a master’s degree in public health, specializing in environmental and occupational health from the same university. During her graduate program, she served as a laboratory assistant in Texas A&M’s Toxicology Lab, and she worked with the Department of Homeland Security’s Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Division, helping to develop a document specifically surrounding infectious disease containment.

Kayleen later took a position with Tarrant County Public Health as an environmental scientist. For the next five years, she wore multiple hats, doing everything from inspections to storm water management, with a primary emphasis on mosquito surveillance in the county. This gave her a wide range of experience, including time spent in pesticide application, equipment management, public outreach, public education, program management and more.

Kayleen is active with many local trade groups and chambers of commerce as a representative for Entex Pest. She works for both Municipal Mosquito and Entex Pest and brings critical mosquito surveillance experience for our municipal customers and vast health inspection experience for our commercial customers. Kayleen is a State of Texas Registered Sanitarian and a Texas Certified Applicator.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How often should my property be treated?

Depending on the pest issues, Entex Pest will recommend a service frequency that fits your budget and expectations. Entex offers protection programs for every situation.

Does Entex Pest require a service contract?

No. Entex Pest keeps its residential customers through relationships, not contracts.

Is the Entex natural organic protection non-toxic and safe?

Since the materials we use are intended to kill pests, they are toxic to insects and similar creatures. The mammalian toxicity, or toxicity to people, is very low or almost non-existent with the natural, organic products we use.

Why should we use Entex to protect our property rather than another company?

As a medium sized company, you will get to know your pest control technician. Your technician will learn your property and the unique service concerns of your family. Entex Pest also has more resources available than a small outfit. Our structural entomologists design and supervise our treatments and are always available to inspect unique or stubborn pest issues.

Why are Entomologists an important addition to a pest management company?

Just as a foundation repair company should employ an engineer who understands how the foundations are designed and constructed, a pest management company should employ a scientist dedicated to training, best management practices, and solving stubborn new pest issues. Very few pest control companies actually employ entomologists, much less multiple entomologists. Entex Pest is a professional company dedicated to our customers and industry.

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