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Greenbelt areas, wildlife corridors, large parks, and riparian areas make our North Texas cities wonderful places to live for both people and wildlife.

Since our homes and neighborhoods are surrounded by these beautiful green spaces, urban wild animals occasionally move into our homes, buildings, offices and other structures, creating property damage and personal distress in the process.

As nights turn colder in fall and winter, urban animals often look for “dens” to spend cold nights away from the elements. And as spring blooms, reproduction has wildlife mothers searching for a safe place to protect their young.

Sometimes, an urban animal’s cozy den becomes your attic, eave, or crawlspace.

At Entex Pest, centrally located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, we have the experience and the compassion required to remove your unwanted house guests, repair the damage, and modify the area to prevent repeat incidents. We help you protect your home, your family and your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does wildlife infestation happen?

Urban wild animals can get into a home’s attic through faulty gable screens, roof vents, missing trim boards or even simple tears in eaves and soffits.

Missing or faulty chimney caps allow animals to enter a chimney to harbor in the chimney flue, and they often access crawlspaces through torn screens, missing vents, broken siding, open crawl space doors, or by digging under foundation walls.

Animals can also burrow into the ground in flower beds or your yard. These burrows not only harbor skunks, armadillos, and other animals, but can also serve as sources of fleas and create opportunity for unwanted interaction with your family pets.

How do I know if I have a problem?

Urban animals in your home, office or other property are usually given away by noises at dawn, dusk, and overnight. These noises can include thumps, drags, scratching, running, fighting, and many other noises, depending on the type of animal.

Often, urban animals den on a side of the building where they may be unheard. If you see gnawed or torn boards, holes in eaves, or digging around the foundation, these are telltale signs of unwanted visitors.

If you or a member of your family hear these noises or see these signs, Entex offers a complimentary inspection to identify the animal, the entry point, and plan a resolution.

How can Entex Pest help?

Entex Pest Solutions offers tailored treatment methods for each individual property. Since no two cases are alike, the solutions must be customized.

Entex Pest staff are highly trained in professional wildlife removal, exclusion, and structure modification to prevent repeat incidents. Our fair and reasonable pricing coupled with guaranteed services make Entex the wise choice for humane wildlife removal.

How do you remove the wildlife?

Trapping and relocating animals is rarely the answer, since other animals will resume occupancy of the “den” left behind. Forcing the animals to leave your home or building through humane methods and then repairing or modifying the structure to prevent reentry is the responsible long-term solution.

Our many years of experience have helped us hone unique and specialized techniques for animal removal and exclusion. Entex does not just set live traps, remove the animals, and walk away. We use a variety of techniques to humanely move urban animals from your home.

After the animal is clear of the structure, the damage is repaired with long-lasting materials that ensure the animal cannot re-enter the structure. Other potential entry points are also addressed to avoid entry in other areas.

Featured Testimonial

We had a raccoon family in our chimney flue. Entex came out, assessed the problem, quickly got the raccoons to relocate, and even installed a pretty new chimney cap. This was all done quickly and very reasonably. We will definitely use Entex Pest again for any other animal, rodent, or bug issues. - Sherry F. Carrollton, Texas

If you believe your home or property may be infested by any of these animals, contact Entex Pest today. Our expert professionals will evaluate the problem and create a custom-fit, tailored treatment plan just for your property.

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